dirty tray

This happens when food gets cooked at high heat.

It becomes sticky and clings to your bamboo steamer or air fryer baking tray. Then you’re left with a mess and cleaning it becomes a routine. So how do you clean it?

Most people try to scrape the food off using a spoon.

Others try to soak the sticky parts overnight in soap water. Either way, they feel frustrated that they have to do this over and over again that clean-up is a hassle and takes a long time.


KANA perforated liners takes 2 seconds to clean away the sticky mess.

You put the liner onto the bamboo steamer, put the food on top, and start steaming. After the food is cooked the liner with the sticky mess can be thrown away. That’s it, cleanup in 2 seconds (or less).

The best chefs in the world know that spending less time preparing for food allows for more time to enjoy the food. That’s what we aim to do with these perforated liners. Give you more time to enjoy the food that you cooked.

Lined in air fryer

What You’ll Get

Most regular liners aren’t made with ease of use in mind. Ours KANA liners are all about cooking efficiency, health and quality paper.

kana bamboo steamer air fryer liners

Toxic liners no more
Most other liners have harmful chemicals like PFOA (“Perfluorooctanoic Acid”) which is odorless, and invisible to the naked eye. When entered your body, the PFOA chemical gives you flu-like symptoms which results in headaches and fevers. How do you avoid PFOA in your food?  KANA liners don’t contain PFOA and other harmful chemicals. They are 100% healthy for your body.

Cooked food will taste as it should
Other liners change the way your food taste. That’s because they’re lined with invisible chemicals that rub off onto the food you’re cooking. Do you want your delicious juicy steamed dumplings to taste extra salty? Do you want your crispy cajun chicken wings to taste sweet and bitter? Our KANA liners are made with a natural wax finish that will not distort the taste of your food. It’ll taste as it should, like food.

kana bamboo steamer air fryer liners
kana bamboo steamer air fryer liners

High-quality paper from Finland
Most liners are made with very low-quality standards. This results in liners that aren’t waterproof, crinkled, moldy, or have incorrect sizes. KANA liners are made in Finland in a high-quality food safe environment. Each of the liners use 100% pulp premium Finnish paper and are free from mold, crinkles and cut exactly to size.

Enough holes for air to breathe
Unfortunately, most liners out there are made with very little holes. If you’re steaming, the steam gets trapped under and doesn’t allow your food to thoroughly cook. If you’re air frying, the air is not properly circulated, and you lose that crispiness you expect from your air fryer. To ensure steam and air to pass through, KANA liners have just the right number of holes. Not too little and not too much. This produces food that’s tasty and you can feel proud of cooking.

kana bamboo steamer air fryer liners
kana bamboo steamer air fryer liners

Bye-bye bacteria
Flimsy thin bags are what most other liners come in. Once opened and left in the open air, the liners are exposed to unhealthy bacteria. Needless to say, you don’t want it in the food you eat. Having a thick resealable plastic bag protects KANA liners and repeals bacteria from entering your food and keeps them mold free, dust free and germ free.

Cut to exact measurements
Most other liners come in a larger size than advertised. As a result, they don’t fit into the bamboo steamer or air fryer. Our KANA liners are cut exactly to size and dimension so they fit preciously. No cutting of trimming required.


Cooking Efficiency

  • Plenty of holes for air to go through to thoroughly cook food
  • Fits the bamboo steamer perfectly and no additional cutting required
  • Fits perfectly in an air fryer basket and won’t block the flow of air
  • Big holes to improve air and steam circulation
  • 40 GSM (grams per square meter) which keeps bamboo tray free from food residue
  • Non-stick surface for easy transfer of cooked food right onto to your plate
  • Disposable after one use so maximize clean-up efficiency
  • Greaseproof so greasy food won’t soak the liner and spread to other food
  • Non-absorbent material lets your food slide off the liner with maximum efficacy.

Carefully Crafted Construction

  • Heat resistant above 250 degrees Celsius so it won’t burn with your food
  • Eco-friendly pulp paper made from sustainability grown trees with the environment in mind
  • Sturdy paper that doesn’t tear and holds food while it cooks
  • Comes in a pack of 100 so you can steam and air fry all you want
  • Pre-cut holes which save you time from punching your own holes
  • Zero folds in the liner so unfolding the liner isn’t necessary
  • Flat design that doesn’t curl when steamed
  • Biodegradable is environmentally friendly and biodegradable after tossed away
  • Edges are crisp and cut exactly to dimensions
  • Clean white finish so it looks good while you cook
  • Defect-free to provide high-quality steamer liners without imperfections
  • Mould free to keep you cooking healthily
  • Water resistant and won’t turn soggy under food
  • Comes flat so it will let you line your bamboo steamer or air fryer easier
  • Microwave safe and won’t burn on high power
  • Works on top hot metal and won’t overburn
  • Will not prevent heat transfer so no higher heat required


  • Resealable bag to keep away mold, bacteria and cross-contamination
  • Reusable bag that can be used recycled as a stationary bag
  • Keeps liners flat without crinkles so you don’t have to unfold it
  • Keeps liners white so your cooking turns out beautiful
  • Stores liners safely for future use even when you don’t plan on using them anytime soon
  • Moisture free packaging so they won’t grow moldy
  • Compact bag that fits into any shelf or cabinet for storage


“Worth the money hands down.”
These things are fantastic! I love soup dumplings, and if even a tiny bit sticks to the steamer you risk losing all the delicious broth out of them. So sad. But not with the steamer liners. I can gently remove the entire pan onto a plate without worry. Worth the money hands down.
‘PERFECT’ For Easy Air Fryer Clean Up!
These really cut down on the cleaning of my air fryer basket! I have highly recommended these to EVERYONE in an air fryer group I belong to! I WILL buy them again & again!
“Item is a great time saver”
I don’t use them in a bamboo steamer, however I use them in my Power XL Air Fryer. Saves a lot of time on cleanup and has the holes for air circulation. Seller might want to put that in her description as Air Fryer parchment papers also. I know several people who have ordered these for that purpose. Arrived ahead of the estimated date. Good product and seller. Recommended!
“These work just like the restaurants’ do, and I don’t have to do any work for it”
I always had to cut my own circles of parchment paper or wax paper and then use a knife to cut holes in the paper to let the steam through. Now I don’t. They work beautifully. Thanks.
Funky Shopper
Wonderful for lining the bottom of the af basket plus lining under the basket for really EZR clean up
“Prefer to cook on these liners than the nonstick service of the air fryer basket”
I needed these for my air fryer; Della the smaller one. The papers I bought last time are a little too big. These are just about 1/2″ smaller than the basket which works fine for me. I use a liner almost every time I use the air fryer; it makes cleanup faster, things don’t stick and I feel better about cooking on this paper than on the non stick coating of the basket. I don’t recommend the Della air fryer but I do recommend these liners if you have a 3.3 liter or similar size air fryer. The quality is good and I really like that they came with a little zip lock bag for storage. I keep them in the drawer under the fryer. I will order again.
“Excellent Product, Superior Customer Service”
My product arrived scattered all over the box as it was shipped with other things. I mentioned this to Kana and they immediately shipped me a new order no questions asked. I was able to salvage a few from the original order so I could give them a try. The product is great and works as advertised. I got these to use with my new air fryer and these make clean up a breeze. Thanks Kana for a great product and not forgetting that customer service still matters!!! Will definitely buy these again.
“They are packaged to last and I will be a loyal fan!”
As a professional baker, these parchment rounds are a quality product at a great value. They are packaged to last and I will be a loyal fan!
Sharon Baskin

KANA Liners are designed with our customers in mind. We want to help minimize the time preparing food and clean-up. You just have to grab a liner then line, use and toss away after cooking. You’ll rest assured that the liners are non-toxic and won’t change the taste of your food. Finally, a liner that is healthy and maximizes your time cooking delicious meals.


Our liners come in 3 sizes – 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch. The photos below are of the 9 inch liners. Yet, the product is exactly the same, only smaller in size.

air fryer liner packaging small
air fryer liner packaging small

Here are some photos of the KANA 9 inch liners. They come in a pack of 100 to satisfy your air frying and bamboo steaming needs. You can clearly see they come in a powerful little bag. This resealable bag defends the liners from bacteria, mold and contamination and delivers you fresh liners when you need them.


Other perforated liners gives you toxic liners that contain PFOA chemicals. These chemicals cause you to have flu-like symptoms such as headaches and fevers. And we definitely don’t want any PFOA chemicals in our food, right?

We provide PFOA-free liners so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle. No more stressing out about PFOA because our manufacturing process avoids these harmful chemicals completely. It’s all a part of how we strive super high quality standards. We aim to create quality and healthy products, and that’s through stringent testing and quality control.


Why are they more expensive than the competition?

Glad you asked.

Most other liners out there come with irregular measurements, mould and folds. These defects cause you to cut the liner, unfold them or throw them away, which takes time away from your cooking. Our liners are quality tested to be defect free. Each bunch of liners is prepared and inspected so that liners are 99.9% defect free when it arrives at your home or restaurant ready to cook. But they touch my food, are they safe?

Unfortunately, other liners contain harmful chemicals like PFOA (“Perfluorooctanoic Acid”) that’s invisible to the naked eye. When entered your body, the PFOA chemical gives you flu-like symptoms which results in headaches and fevers. KANA liners don’t contain these harmful chemicals and are 100% healthy for your body. But what about the quality of the paper?

Lots of other liners come in flimsy thin bags. Once opened and left in the open air, the liners are exposed to unhealthy bacteria. Needless to say, you really don’t want it in the food you eat. Having a thick resealable plastic bag protects KANA liners and repeals bacteria from entering your food.

Still not convinced? We have over 220+ positive 5-star reviews and served more than 5,000 happy customers on Amazon. They are a testament that we put our customers first.


Will these fit my air fryer?

Absolutely. First you must determine what size of air fryer you have. Typical air fryers come in 2 sizes: 5.3 quart and 3.7 quart. The 9-inch liners will fit perfectly into the 5.3 quart air fryer, and the 7-inch liners will fit snug into the 3.7 quart air fryers.

Using the liner in your air fryer is simple. Preheat the air fryer first, then place the liner inside, and then put food on top. Now you’re ready to cook!


Will these fit my bamboo steamer?

It sure will. To find the right size, measure the bamboo steamer outer diameter. Take the outer diameter measurement and subtract 1 inch. That’s the size of liner you want to buy.

For example, if you have a 10-inch outer diameter bamboo steamer, you want to buy a 9-inch liner. If you have a 9-inch outer diameter bamboo steamer, you’ll want to buy an 8-inch liner.

(Show diagram of inner basket versus outer basket)


Are these liners circular or oval in shape?

Other liners are irregular in shape like an oval and yet they advertise them as being circular. As a result, they don’t fit into the air fryer or bamboo steamer. The long side needs to be trimmed while the short side doesn’t hold the mess.

We take detailed care in cutting our KANA liners so that they are perfectly circular. Say goodbye to extra time spent cutting ovals into circles.


Who fulfils my order after I place it?

There’s a tiny little-known company called Amazon that takes extra care in fulfilling our orders. Once your order is placed, they will start the process of grabbing you the freshest pack of liners and placing in a fresh and strong cardboard box.

During this process, we will be keeping our laser eyes peeled, and monitoring the entire process. We’ll be sending you a personalized email to let you know when the liners have been shipped.

When we do, we’ll be waving goodbye as the box will leave the warehouse. It’ll be gently placed onto a jet plane and carefully set onto a delivery truck to be delivered to your home. The driver will hand deliver the parcel to you and the liners will have found a new home.

We’ll be in touch afterwards to make sure you’re ecstatic about using them. And we’ll answer any questions you’ll have in the shortest time possible.


What if you don’t like liners? Truth be told, we’ll be quite sad and have to find the liners a new home. But, the liners have a one month guarantee to help you clean-up fast. If for any reason they don’t, we’ll buy you an equivalent from our competition!


When you purchase a pack of 100 liners, you’ll receive a free e-guide on our three favourite (and not so known) steaming recipes. These recipes will improve your cooking repertoire and delight your guests.

  • How to prepare and wash your bamboo steamer (even if you haven’t used it for a while)
  • What you need before steaming (and why it’s important to have the tools)
  • How to start steaming the KANA way in 8 simple steps
  • What to do when the food is cooked and why it’s important to care for it afterwards
  • How to have versatility in your cooking with our 3 favourite recipies


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