Juicy Black Cod Drizzled with Lime Sauce


2-pound fillets of black cod
Salt, pepper, fish seasonings
A half a garlic head
1 stalk of lemongrass
1 cup of cilantro (chopped)
1 jalapeno sliced, no seeds
Fresh juice from ¼ of lime
¼ cup of Thai fish sauce
2 tablespoons of sugar

Cooking Time:

Prep Time – 30 minutes
Steam Time – 10 minutes
Total Time – 40 minutes

  • 1 Season the black cod fillets and place them on premium paper liners in the basket, with the skin-side down.
  • 2Put the garlic with the lemongrass into a food processor andpulse until they become finely chopped.
  • 3Add the chili and the cilantro and continue to pulse until they incorporate well.
  • 4Season with salt, sugar, Thai fish sauce, and the lime juice.
  • 5Drizzle the seasoned cod fillets with this sauce.
  • 6Cook the seasoned fillets in the bamboo steamer for about 10 minutes (for 1-inch thick fillets) or a bit more if the fish is thicker.
  • 7Take it out to a plate and serve it with mashed potatoes or a generous salad of leafy greens.