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KN: As one of our Kana ambassadors, we know that you spend a lot of time cooking, but what would you call your “day job”?

SL: Funnily enough, my day job IS cooking! I work as a social media manager and content creator for a culinary center in Salt Lake City! I get to bake things and then write about it. It’s pretty much the dream!

KN: Where do you call home?

SL: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. College took me east to Connecticut and eventually New York City. I am now back in Utah and enjoying a new life here! 

KN: What does your average day in the kitchen look like?

SL: Even though baking is a daily activity for me at work, I find a couple of opportunities every week to bake in my own home! Whether it is baking some chocolate chip cookies on a weeknight or a full day of making croissants on the weekend, I am never too far from my Kitchen or my stand mixer!

KN: What do you love to do, besides cooking and baking?

SL: I have an obsession with vintage cookbooks, which I know is baking related, but I love rummaging through antique stores and thrift shops to find some old gems! I also love reading, taking tap class (I used to be a professional musical theater performer), and interior design. 

Spencer Lawson baker

Spencer in the kitchen

KN: How did you get into baking?

SL: A few years ago, after a very long day, I decided I needed to learn something new, a new skill! I went to the library and checked out a few books on baking. I started from scratch, teaching myself the basics  (a la Julie and Julia, except Spencer with Martha). I was living in an apartment the size of a postage stamp (hence the name Small Kitchen Sweets), and the rest is history!

KN: What inspired you to start your blog?

SL: I decided to start posting some of my baking photos on Instagram and people seemed excited by what I had to say. I try my best to always show the failures along with the successes. Baking is for everyone and should be accessible, so I try to share all those tips and tricks with others! I started developing my own recipes and wanted to share those too. So the blog was a natural product of all this. It is still a work in progress, but I love the process! 

KN: How do you get creative in the kitchen when you’re tight on space?

SL: I have baked in many different kitchens since I started my baking journey, and one of the biggest things I have learned is that it doesn’t really matter how much space you have! Sure there are few natural things that require more space, but by learning the basic techniques of baking, you can accomplish SO many different things. I also really strive to clean up as I go. Sometimes the kitchen can feel like chaos (especially a small one) and keeping your area clean can help your ideas flow!

KN: What are your must-have kitchen tools (besides Kana, of course)?

SL: Everyone should really try to incorporate a scale into their kitchen. They are relatively inexpensive and are SO much more accurate than standard cup measures. I also love the fact that there are less dishes at the end of a project. 

KN: Who do you look up to in the kitchen and why?

SL: Martha Stewart is my number one kitchen idol. Baking my way through her “Baking Handbook” truly taught me so much about the fundamentals of baking. She has such a passion for food and she makes everything feel special. I love that about her and try to incorporate that passion into everything I do in the kitchen!

Spencer Lawson cookies

Let’s finish with some quick-fire questions

KN: What’s your favourite thing to eat? 

SL: My favorite thing to eat is definitely a burger and fries! I love salty foods and you really can judge a place on how they make a classic burger and fries!

KN: What’s your favourite thing to cook?

SL: Cook? Hmmm.. I love making fried chicken! Although I am not southern by any means, I love playing around with different recipes and finding ways to add new flavors to my chicken!

To bake? I have a deep love for cookies. Cookies come in so many different shapes and sizes and offer a blank canvas to create crazy new flavors!

KN: What does the taste of home mean to you? Are there any flavours from childhood that make you nostalgic?

SL: The taste of home is definitely anything that my grandmother bakes. She taught me all of the basics in the kitchen, before I really started studying baking. Her sugar cookies and Feathery Fudge Cake are to die for and definitely always remind me of home!

KN: Which Kana product do you reach for most in the kitchen and why?

SL: Definitely the parchment paper. I use a lot of it in the kitchen and have always been looking for a more sustainable option. Enter Kana! It’s perfect for every pan available and the compostable paper helps me feel much better about using it so often!

Cooking a delicious meal is not im-pot-ssible when you use the right cookware.

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