For many, spring is simply the best time of the year. It’s those first moments of warm fresh air that have us ripping open the curtains and prying open our windows, letting the sights, sounds and smells of nature back into our homes. It’s also the time of year where we feverishly want to clean the house from top to bottom, clearing out the clutter, dust and cobwebs that have collected throughout the winter months. With The Bare Home collection of eco-responsible cleaning products, spring cleaning is both effortless and eco-friendly.

all-natural cleaning products

The Bare Home cleaning products range from household cleaners to personal care products that are safe for you, your home and the planet we all share.

Spring cleaning with The Bare Home’s eco-sustainable, natural products provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills and that the products you use are not causing harm to the environment. 

When you invest in high quality, powerful cleaning products, you see and smell the difference as soon as you get to work. The Bare Home’s curated bundles are great for getting started with changing up the way you clean your home. From the Essentials Bundle to the Discovery Bundle, each product features different scents derived from essential oils. For the ultimate spring cleaning that will leave your home smelling like you’ve spent the day at the spa, the Discovery Bundle comes with a lemon and tea tree scented all purpose cleaner, a lavender scented laundry detergent, a bergamot and lime dish soap and a blood orange, bergamot and sandalwood hand soap. 

sustainable refill boxes

Once you’ve gotten started with The Bare Home essentials, refilling is a breeze.

Instead of throwing the bottle away when you’re done, simply order a refill for the products you love the most and reuse your bottles. Each refill comes in a 3 liter container and can be completely recycled once you’re done with them.

Saying goodbye to harsh chemicals and cleaners is much easier than you think. Once you see the difference that The Bare Home cleaning products can make, spring cleaning will be anything but a chore

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