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Bake like Erin with the Sheet Pan Bundle

“The sheet pan parchment paper in both sizes are the ones I reach for the most in my kitchen. I love the half sheet size for quickly grabbing to line a sheet pan for cookies or macarons, and I love that it lays flat and is super easy to grab so there are no issues with curling. The quarter sheet pan size is my current absolute favourite and I am so mad I didn’t know about it earlier! It is the perfect size for lining a loaf pan or an eighth sheet pan.”


All about Cloudy Kitchen

New Zealander and ex-Brooklynite, Erin's journey to food blogging was anything but linear (in fact, it included working on an oil rig). The recipes on her blog, Cloudy Kitchen, are inspired by ingredients and flavor combinations that she loves—notes of New Zealand, farmers market finds, and whatever else happens to inspire her!

Baking is a science, and accuracy is key.

I turned to baking after moving from New Zealand to New York, as a way to help combat the homesickness. I love to focus on developing great versatile base recipes which can be used in many applications, and on breaking down more complicated recipes into fun and approachable steps.

Baking Tips from Cloudy Kitchen

What is the key to a perfect baking result, every time?

EC: Always weigh your ingredients. My recipes are written in grams as it is the most accurate way to bake, and minimizes clean up. Different countries have different cup measurements so using a scale is the foolproof way of removing this margin of error. This way, I know you are measuring your ingredients the same way that I am.

How do you take baked goods from “blah” to brilliant?

EC: Always make sure your mixture is properly salted. Salt in baking really brings out the flavor of things like chocolate, but also adds depth and cuts through sweetness.

How do you achieve a professional looking result at home?

EC: The way that you line a pan with parchment paper is super important - if you get a nice clean line of your pan, you're well on the way to super neat baked goods and an easy release from the pan.

What’s one tip that you’ve learned from experience?

EC: Always read the recipe from start to finish before you start - there is nothing worse than coming across a surprise overnight rise on a dough that you weren't expecting!

Remember, you eat with your eyes first.