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20oz insulated tumbler
20oz insulated tumbler
20oz insulated tumbler

Alex Bottle
20oz insulated tumbler

$36.99 USD
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Free shipping on orders over $70
This item is available for preorder and is estimated to ship in early January.

The 20oz ALEX with a spill-proof, screw-in lid keeps your drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 18 hours even when you leave it in your hot car. With our patent-pending bottle opener on the bottom, the durable powder paint and silicone sleeve keep ALEX looking fresh and feeling incredible in your hands. From your morning caffeine kick to your Happy Hour happenings, ALEX has you covered. Say hey to your new coffee and cocktail comrade.

  • Removable bottle opener on bottom

  • 6 hours hot / 18 hours cold (with lid on)

  • Leakproof Screw-In Cap

  • Fits Cup Holders

  • Rough & Tumble Durable Powder Paint

  • Wide-Mouth For Easy Cleaning

  • Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)

  • BPA Free Premium 304 Stainless Steel

  • Happy Hands Grip

  • Coffee, Kombucha, and Cocktail friendly

  • Loves making new friends


        What is BPA?
        BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. Those bottles actually leache BPA from the bottle into your water. We’re not scientist, but we know BPA is bad news. So bad in fact that it’s been linked to certain types of cancer. For all the facts on BPA click here: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm197739.htm#overview. To make sure you can drink water with no concerns of BPA, get an ALEX bottle.
        Does Alex Bottle have an epoxy liner inside the bottle?
        ALEX does not have a liner because all ALEX Products are made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel which means it does not need a liner like ALUMINUM bottles do. The Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel we use for ALEX is a non-leaching and non-toxic material. ALUMINUM bottles have to use liners to keep harmful aluminum toxins from leaching into the water inside them. If anything happens to the liner then it can put you at risk and we don’t like that. We specifically used 304 Stainless Steel so we could have a healthy and durable water bottle for you and us.
        Why is Alex Bottle made in China and not in the USA?
        As a US company, we started by talking to over 60 US based factories and heard everything from “we don’t make stainless steel bottles”, “this bottle is too complex for us” or “we can’t even make it for what you sell it for”. Dang. So, we regrouped, and did endless amounts of research looking for a factory that would meet our sustainability standards, our high product quality standards and that would be affordable. We were uncompromising and spent years talking to different sourcing groups and going to China to visit tons of manufacturers ourselves. We found an amazing partner that has key Certifications: ISO 14001 for Sustainability and ISO 9001 for Quality. Fortunately they also work with some incredibly premium brands that also require these same things. We’re in good company. Our factory specializes in bottles and can make ALEX within the incredibly tight tolerances we require. It’s one of the most complex bottles to make. True story. We needed experts that had seen it all and done it all. Our manufacturing engineers are awesome and passionate about making Alex perfect. We love that.

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