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We take the things you already love to use and make them better.

Kana is made up of a community of home chefs who elevate the everyday routine of cooking through delicious recipes, responsible living and thoughtful, modern design. Our mission is simple: we make goods better so that you can enjoy life's rituals.

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Kana is home to a range of simple and well thought out kitchen essentials. From our baking must-have's to our elegant dishcloths, Kana is proud of the compostable and biodegradable certifications that make these products part of a circular economy.

Designed in California, Milo is the perfect kitchen companion. Simmer stews, bake bread, slow-cook braises, make a luscious risotto or serve your Sunday roast. Responsibly-made with 40% recycled cast iron, Milo cookware is thoughtfully designed to decorate and enrich your lifestyle.

Our Designs

We put a lot of thought, time and energy into developing quality products that are built to last. Above all, our mission is to mindfully create beautiful, functional kitchenware that elevates the everyday.

The Human Touch

We settle for nothing but the highest standards of integrity and quality. Our manufacturing partners are BSCI and ISO certified and have been hand selected based on their commitment to upholding Kana's core values.

Thoughtfully Selected Materials

We are committed to working with sustainably sourced and recycled materials that don't compromise on quality.

The Dream Team

Kana is home to a range of beautiful, functional and sustainable kitchenwares. From our dishcloths, to our parchment paper sheets, to our felt trivets, we are driven to make our goods better than the rest.

Kana relies on the passion and expertise of our team members to turn our grand ideas into a reality. We are a family of like-minded individuals who are diverse in our experiences but similar in our ways of looking at the world. From the creatives to the product development team, we are beholden by our responsibility to the planet and by our dedication to make quality goods that are fit for purpose.

We're Certified

Responsible At The Source

Kana Parchment Paper comes from responsibly-managed Finnish forests, and has been certified by the PEFC. Our Swedish Dishcloths are made from cellulose that has been certified as sustainably sourced by the FSC. Our range of Milo cast-iron cookware uses 40% reclaimed iron and is made in facilities that follow the BSCI code of conduct for employee health, safety, and protection from discrimination. What's more, we are pledged to the international standards of ISO14001 and ISO45001 that require us to continually improve our environmental management systems.

Safe for Earth. Safe for You.

We want you to love the food you cook. Our cookware and parchment paper is proven as safe for food contact and will not alter the composition, taste or smell of your food. Our cookware is free of all the compounds and chemicals listed in Proposition 65. And finally, from the fibre to the artist-designed prints, our dish cloths are certified as safe in line with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

A Sustainable Goodbye

We take responsibility for the life cycle of everything we bring into the world. Our parchment paper and dish cloths are certified as biodegradable and compostable in line with EN13432, which includes municipal compost services. We use uncoated paper and cardboard in all our packaging to make it as easy as possible for recycling services to deal with it properly.

Every little bit helps.

Kana is proud to work with 1% for the Planet, an environmental initiative which helps businesses like Kana support non-profit organizations seeking to create a better future for our planet. Every purchase on Kana, however small, helps to make a very real difference.