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  • Prep time
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    20 minutes
  • Serves
    24 latkes

Equipment: Ultimate Skillet


2 large potatoes, scrubbed but not peeled

1 large parsnip, trimmed and peeled

1 large leek, sliced in half, and the very light green and white parts thinly sliced

2 eggs

3 tbsp plain flour

Salt & pepper for seasoning

Vegetable oil for frying


Using a box grater (or the grater attachment of a food processor) grate the potatoes and parsnip. Combine the grated veggies with the thinly sliced leek and toss well.

Add the egg and flour, stir the mixture very well and season with salt and pepper.

Fill your Kana Goods skillet with 1 inch oil and heat on medium/high heat. Test the oil by tossing in a couple pieces of grated potato, if it starts sizzling right away you’re ready for action! Spoon in 4-5 small dollops of the latke mixture into the skillet leaving enough space for each latke to sit comfortably. Sizzle for a couple minutes and using a wooden or plastic spatula, flip each latke over. Fry until both sides are golden. Remove and drain off excess oil on to a plate lined with paper towel.

Repeat with a few more batches until you’ve used up all the latke mixture. When all the latkes are done and the oil has drained off. Place the latkes on a piece of Kana Goods parchment paper and season with a bit of extra flakey salt.

ou can reheat the latkes on a baking tray for about 5-10 mins in the oven when you’re ready to dive in! (If you haven’t eaten them all right away!)

Note: For a vegan and GF option you can replace the eggs and flour with 4 tbsp of chickpea flour.

Potato Latkes

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