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  • Prep time
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    25 minutes
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Equipment: Milo Ultimate Skillet



2 large (24 oz) russet potatoes

1 tbsp (14 g) unsalted butter

¾ tsp (4 g) salt

Optional Toppings

Fresh chives or green onions

Greek yogurt or sour cream

Baby arugula

Poached, fried or softly boiled eggs

Smoked salmon

olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste


Peel and grate potatoes on a box grater.

Working in batches, use your hands to squeeze out excess water from potatoes. You don’t need to remove all of it, but ensure about 80% of the water is out a crispier final product. Add grated potatoes a large bowl.

In the bowl with the potatoes, add butter/oil and salt. Mix well to combine, ensuring the potatoes are evenly seasoned.

In a skillet, heat 2 tsp butter and 2 tsp oil over medium heat. Add potato mixture to the skillet in an even layer, pressing down *lightly*. Tidy up the sides as needed.

Reduce the heat to medium-low. Cook the Rosti for 10-12 minutes, until golden and crisp on one side. To check if it’s golden, use a spatula to gently lift up the sides.

Flip the Rosti by covering the skillet with a plate or baking sheet. Invert the skillet quickly to flip the Rosti onto the sheet.

On the skillet, add an additional 2 tsp of oil and 2 tsp of butter. Slide the Rosti back onto the skillet, with the help of a spatula if needed. Cook for another 10-12 min, until the Rosti is golden on both sides.

Season Rosti with salt and pepper. Top with yogurt, eggs, sour cream, fresh herbs or smokes salmon if desired. Enjoy!

Note:Recipe can be full prepared ahead of time (up to 2 days) and reheated in the oven.


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Meredith Youngson