April Fool's Day: Our Favorite Food Fake-Outs

Teffer Adjemian
These creative dishes from some of our favorite culinary creators will have you doing a double take!
April Fool’s Day is a tradition with an astonishingly long history going back as far as the 1300s. There are a lot of differing stories about the origin of this widely-celebrated day, but the one thing they have in common is that it’s a day for pranksters to really let loose!
In the spirit of April Fool’s Day we’ve gathered together some of our favorite food fake-outs from bakers, chefs, and food-geniuses to share with you!
Luke Vincentini’s hyper-realistic cakes
The first time we came across Luke Vincentini’s creations our jaws hit the floor. “Surely that’s not a cake?” we thought as the knife came down. You might like to set aside a few minutes and let yourself get lost in his mesmerizing Instagram feed.

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Yolanda Gampp’s giant cake recreations
Yolanda Gampp has made a living creating epic and fun YouTube tutorials for the most creative cakes you can imagine. A fan of recreating chocolate bars, cookies, fruit, take-out and more as super-sized and caked-up versions of themselves, Yolanda’s channel is as educational as it is entertaining.
Heston Blumenthal and well, everything
Heston Blumenthal is famous for his high-concept food creations that have earned him multiple Michelin stars. Arguably the most iconic among them is his “meat fruit” dish, featuring a plump juicy mandarin orange which, when cut into, reveals itself to be liver parfait with orange jelly.
Nothing seems out of reach for Heston Blumenthal, who has even crafted edible tableware and candles to delight diners.
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Amber Spiegel’s savory food fake outs
Her Instagram page is full of mesmerizing videos of cookies being iced with astonishingly artful and beautiful designs, but Amber is also a prankster when it comes to food. Creating these uncanny “devilled eggs” that are anything but!
Defying gravity with Verusca Walker
Verusca Walker’s fake food cakes go one step further with the added drama of levitating utensils and even splashes seemingly frozen in time. Verusca shares her secrets for apparently breaking the laws of physics on her YouTube channel and in her book, Structured Cakes.