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I am a cookie decorator and drag queen. Sometimes both jobs collide and I decorate cookies in drag.

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Where do you currently call home?

I call Columbus, Ohio my home.

How did you get into the food industry?

Growing up my mom and grandma would ask me to help them bake. I was basically the mixer because we didn’t have a stand mixer. So I would sit in the kitchen and stir all the doughs and batters to prep for our nights of baking. Then when I grew up and lived on my own I kept that interest in baking alive by baking for myself. One day, I was working at a small boutique, I decided I wanted to work for myself and knew I loved to bake. That’s when I decided I wanted to bake for a living and started that same night. I got on YouTube and taught myself different skills to decorate cookies. Ever since then I have been baking for others.

"Always chill your dough and let it rest"

Who inspires you most in the kitchen?

I get inspiration from everywhere. The beginning of my life in baking was inspired by my mom and grandma. Now I am inspired by my friends who bake with me, social media, and television shows. I do have a love for The Great British Baking Show. They are the sweetest people and I relate to them so much. They bake because they love it and they love baking for others.

What does sitting down for a family meal look like to you?

Sitting down for a family meal, for me, would be at the dining room table. Everyone has made their plate from the pots and pans in the kitchen. We all sit at the table and it’s kinda quiet at first because we are all starting to eat. Then we break out into conversations. It’s now a loud table because everyone is talking over everyone. Some people might get second servings and some people might sit there and just listen and watch, but we all stay at the table even after we are all finished just to talk. Usually there’s laughter, sometimes deep conversation, and maybe even music. But for me sitting around enjoying the company is my ideal meal setting.

"As a drag queen I get to perform for pride and it is so rewarding. I climb on stage and take all my emotions about pride and share them with everyone. It's one of the greatest feelings."

"Show your pride all year long!"

What does Pride Month mean to you?

Pride month means celebrating the journey of the LGBTQ+ community. Gathering with people to love everyone. When I go to a pride parade I get emotional. It’s something I didn’t know I would see growing up. People who like me or people who understand what I have been through joining together always makes me happy. There is a different feeling when you go to pride celebrations. It just makes you feel so good and happy about yourself. I love the music, the festivals, the parades, the community. As a drag queen I get to perform for pride and it is so rewarding. I climb on stage and take all my emotions about pride and share them with everyone. It’s one of the greatest feelings.

Please suggest a charity or a cause that our followers can support.

Kaleidoscope Youth Center in Columbus. It’s close to my heart because it supports the LGBTQ+ youth. It’s so important that LGBTQ+ youths have a place to go for assistance.

Kaleidoscope Youth Center


At Kaleidoscope, belonging means being. To stand in your strengths. To stand in your power. And to stand for a world where everyone can be their most confident, authentic self.

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Cutout Sugar Cookie

  • Prep time
    15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    9 minutes
  • Serves
    36 cookies

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Plenty O Cookies

We have all been there. You make cutout cookies and they come out of the oven as blobs looking nothing like the cookie cutter you used. I have the solution for you! This simple recipe is a great way to bake no-spread cutout sugar cookies. It's a perfect balance of sweet with a hint of salt.

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