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    45 minutes, plus overnight rest
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Equipment: 8 Inch Easy-Lift Parchment Paper Squares


For the crust

200 g graham crackers crushed (about 16 crackers)

15 g powdered sugar (2 tbsp)

1 tsp kosher salt

80 g unsalted butter (6 tbsp)

For the filling

1 package of gelatin (about 2 tsp)

3 tbsp boiling water

2 blocks (16 oz) cream cheese, slightly softened

100 g granulated sugar (1/2 cup)

300 g Mango purée (about 1 cup)

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp kosher salt

180 g + 2 tbsp heavy cream (3/4 cup)

For the garnish

Mango purée


Prepare the crust

Spray and line an 8” inch square pan with 2 pieces of Kana Pre-Cut parchment paper, in alternating directions. Set aside.

Using a food processor or resealable bag, crush the graham crackers. Mix in powdered sugar and salt.

Melt butter and add to the graham cracker mixture. Mix well to combine.

Pour crust into prepared pan. Using a flat spatula or offset spatula, flatten the mixture into an even layer. Make sure to compact the mixture as evenly as possible!

Cover and chill in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

Prepare the cheesecake filling

In a small heatproof bowl, add boiling water. Sprinkle with gelatin and stir. Allow to bloom for 5 minutes.

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, whip cream cheese and sugar together until light and fluffy. Scrape down the sides of the mixer.

Add mango puree, vanilla extract, and salt. Mix to combine, about 3 minutes.

In a separate bowl, whisk the heavy cream until you have soft peaks. Mix the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture on low speed for about 1 minute.

Once gelatin mixture has bloomed, microwave for 10-20 seconds. Add 2 tbsp of cream to the gelatin and whisk to combine.

With the mixer on high speed, add the gelatin to the cream cheese mixture in a slow, but steady stream. Mix for 3-4 more minutes until very light and fluffy. Remove from mixer and set aside.


Pour cream cheese mixture into the frozen crust. Smooth with an offset spatula.

Cover the pan and place in the fridge for 6 hours, or until cheesecake has fully set. Once set, remove the cheesecake from the pan. Use a warm, sharp knife (run in under hot water and dry it off) and cut into squares.

Serve with mango puree as a garnish!

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